Novedades en Visual Studio Team System 2008

Como muchos ya sabréis hace poco Microsoft lanzó al mercado Visual Studio 2008.

Si estáis interesados en conocer las novedades de Visual Studio Team System 2008 os recomiendo que leáis este post de Jeff Beehler.

Development Edition
Code Analysis Checkin Policy
Code Metrics
JavaScript debugging
Performance run comparison
Hot pathing
Code Analysis Rules
Rules Management
Analyze menu
Spelling rules

Database Edition
Integrate TeamData v1 into Team Suite

Test Edition
Auto cleanup of results
Control Load Modeling
New default views
Devices Unit testing
Test performance improvements
Inherited test classes
Load test and profiler integration
Web test correlation
Right-click test execution
Test generation from a compiled assembly
Webtest recorder support for AJAX and popups
Webtest playback improvements

Architecture Edition
Architectural Roles
Conform to WSDL
Top-down system design
Web application projects

Team Foundation Server
SharePoint 3.0 / 2007 support
Improved deployment experience
Better offline support
Continuous integration
Build queuing & scheduled builds
Drop Management
Folder Diff
Get latest on checkout
Performance and scale improvements (Work Item Tracking / Version Control)
Destroy files
Improved source control merging
Workspace mapping improvements
Team System Web Access (power tool)

Published 4/12/2007 22:02 por Ibon Landa
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