Photograph: SQL Server Crash Dump Analysis

Just a small post to remind that this week I’ll be presenting at SQLBits VI, in UK! I’m going to talk about SQL Server crash dump analysis – some post-mortem debugging techniques that help us to discover what went wrong and why our SQL Server crashed, using mostly WinDbg. We will also do a little tour on managed debugging, showing how these techniques and tools can be useful when trying to detect anomalous behaviors on our .NET Applications accessing the database.



It goes without saying that I’m really excited to be able to share event with such an incredible list of speakers! There are other incredible tracks at the same time: Conor Cunningham will come all the way from Redmond to London to share with us some of the internals and secrets the Query Optimizer, James will deliver a very interesting session on sequential I/Os (I wish I could invite some of my customers to that session!) and Satya will share his huge experience with us in a best practices session. With this great sessions at the same time, I understand many of you that could be interested in attending my session won’t be able to! So if you cannot attend my session, just catch me anytime on the venue and I will be more than happy to have a nice chat about post-mortem debugging, WinDbg or whatever… by the way, I’m the one with the cowboy boots and long hair! 🙂

See you at SQL Bits on Thursday!

Rock Tip:

Each time that I write a new entry on this blog I use to spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for a song that fits the post; you know I don’t want my Rock Tips to be just a bunch of songs that I like without a reason. Well, this time the job was really easy! Think about it: the session is going to be in the UK… so a band from the country is definitely a must. And I’m going to be talking about memory snapshot analysis… about ‘photographs’ of the process memory… so, without further ado, let me introduce you the Rock Tip of the day: Photograph, by Def Leppard.

One of that classic 80’s tunes that I love so much, and definitely one of my fave from this always impressive bands. This time I’ve chosen to link the song to a live performance of the band, and not to the promotional video of the single, so you can enjoy the impressive work on the backing vocals, the acting and the always missed guitar playing of the late Steve Clark.

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