Forget Me Not: SQL Server Crash Dump Analysis at SQL Bits

Time flies! It’s been more than six months since I had the chance of speaking about SQL Server crash dump analysis at SQL Bits in London.

As you will understand, for me it was a huge honor to share event with SQL Server heroes like Simon Sabin, Ramesh Meyyappan and, obviously, Connor Cunningham – who came from Redmond to London just to give his lecture on my same slot and leave me with just a handful of attendants which I’m sure were left at my session because they thought Connor was the guy with long hair 🙂

Luckily, the organizers of the event recorded all the tracks and they are now available freely for everyone at their website, so in case you attended SQL Bits but wasn’t able to attend to my session, or if you were unable to get to SQL Bits at all, just click here and you will be able to see and download my session. By the way, I strongly recommend you to check the rest of the sessions; some of them were really impressive.

Lastly, I would like to send a big ‘thank you’ to all the organizers at SQL Bits. They did a tremendous job to achieve an excellent event, even though several factors were against them – such a little Icelandic volcano that I’m sure many of you will remember 🙂 Thank you guys, you rock!

Rock Tip:

This post’s Rock Tip is ‘Forget Me Not’, one of the biggest hits from the L.A. band Bad English, led by the great voice of John Waite and the unmistakable guitar of Mr. Neal Schon. A great song, released on 1989, which blends the melodic AOR and West Coast style with some bright moments from Neal’s Les Paul.

Why did I choose this song for this post? To begin with, because even though it’s already been a while since this event took place, I won’t forget it for a long time! Not only because I had the chance of meeting great people, speak about something I’m passionate about in an excellent venue and attend some great sessions, but also because I was involved in one of my craziest journeys; trying to reach a customer while all European transport and accommodation system were about to collapse due to the eruption of some Icelandic volcano was definitely one of the highlights of my life! J

On the other hand, the song seemed so appropriate because it was composed and performed by Bad English and… well, let’s say that my English skills used to be a lot better that what is shown on that video; sadly, it was a long time since I had last spoken publicly in English, and that shows on the recording. I just hope it is not so bad that you can’t follow it!

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