Brothers in Arms: We are Hiring!

Today I’m bringing you great news! We are looking for a talented BI Developer to join our team at Plain Concepts and get involved in some amazing projects we are enganged in right now.

Sounds good to you? Great! so take a look at the details below, and if you think you are a good match, the let us know! You can reach me directly, or send an email to

The Role

Be a part of an agile development team which creates Business Intelligence projects for our customers all around the world. You will also have the chance of being a trainer and mentor on the amazing new tools and technologies in this field, and to help our customers at their premises occasionally.

We are a really multidisciplinary team here at Plain Concepts. We can guarantee you that you won’t be stranded at a customer site without knowing who the rest of your colleagues are. The rest is up to you, your aptitudes and preferences.

What skill set do we specially value?

The SQL/BI Team at Plain Concepts is currently engaged in some pretty exciting projects leveraging the whole SQL Server stack, as well as other Big Data/Hadoop technologies. The current members of the team have to deal with different tasks, ranging from Data Warehouse modeling, ETL processes, OLAP development both in Multidimensional and Tabular fashion, Reporting systems, Map/Reduces programming and general performance optimization (both at DW and OLAP environments). We expect you to be able to handle most of these tasks, and to be proficient in at least one of them.

A working knowledge of C# and .NET Framework would be highly desired, since some of these tasks – such SSIS scripting and Map/Reduce programming – will involve programming to a certain extent.

We don’t expect you just to perform a specific set of tasks assigned: being a part of this small team means you will be taking an active part in all design decision in our projects. You should also be able to help solve our customers’ problems; although it won’t be your main task, you might need to help in consulting projects with your preferred technologies, so basic soft skills are also required.

Since some of the projects in which the team is currently engaged are for international customers, a good English level is highly desirable.

All Microsoft certifications are welcome, but not indispensable.

Which aptitudes do we value the most?

You must be a team player, constructively criticizing your colleagues’ work while being open to receiving critics about yours.

You must have a constant interest for learning, and doing so quickly!

You must be passionate about all software development activities.

You must be a good communicator. Having a blog is a plus.

Collaborating with the .NET community is preferred: Being part of a user club, speaking at events about .NET, writing on MSDN forums and helping others…

How will the selection process be?

Hard. You’ll be interviewed by everyone from the team you’d work at. They all can decide on your selection.

You should be prepared to discuss with us some of the projects you have worked in, your favorite tips and tricks, features you are especially passionate about, etc.

Also, you can surprise us with any project that you might have developed in your free time for your “geek” pleasure.

Will I have to travel?

As a BI Developer you shouldn’t be packing your luggage every other day, but traveling may be involved to attend occasional mentoring or consulting sessions at customer’s sites, etc.

How much money will I make?

As much as you can justify for, our limits are blurry on either side. This, whenever reasonable, won’t be a problem. If you are a real master, we’ll value it. We want the best in our team.

And salary aside?

You’ll be able to get training, attending Microsoft events, assist to courses…

How will my schedule be?

Whatever works for you: most of us work from eight-ish through six-ish. We have lunch at around 1:30pm and we go home at 3:00pm on Friday. Nobody will ask you to be attached to your chair for hours; we want results, meeting commitments, and satisfying our customers.

Rock Tip:

By joining this team, you will be joining a ‘band of brothers’ working together on these amazing projects, so I thought this time it was really appropiate for me to share with you this incredible song by WET.

WET is the side project of extremely talented musicians in the Hard Rock/AOR scene; we can find Robert Sall (from “Work of Art”), Erik Martensson (from “Eclipse”) and Jeff Scott Sotto (from “Talisman” and many others) working together in what has to be one of the best melodic hard rock albums ever written. Highly

NOTE: By the way, your musical tastes will not count during the selection process… In fact, I’m the only one in the team with some decent musical taste 🙂

Keep Rockin’!

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