SharePoint – Yet Another CAML Query tool (ala SQL)

Some time ago, I thought write a small tool in order to do CAML queries in plain text, as in SQL «where» clause. I have the idea forgotten, I missed myself in the daily work. Yesterday doing a little modification in a program I remembered this, of course while I was writting a complex CAML query.

I named it «Yet Another CAML Query Tool» aka (YACAML-QT).

By moment it’s a little toy, you can write your queries as in a «where» clause, using the same syntax that you’d write in a SQL Sentence. It’s is more easy!!!

Use «=null» as CAML IsNull operator and «<>null» as IsNotNull also you can use dates enclosed into sharp characters #01/01/1990# the sql Like operator is replaced by CAML Contains and the at «@» operator for the CAML BeginsWith. Also support parentheses for operator precedence.

TODO: a pretty interface 🙂

(File Updated December 9, 2007)

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