SharePoint – Cut Copy Paste for Document Libraries

From WSS2 I was looking for a solution to do the Document Libraries a bit more Explorer like, time ago I wrote some WebParts to try solve the problem.

• csegDocLibTools

After the migration to MOSS 2007 the first thing that my users asked for was where is the copy and paste feature??  And where is the explorer like functionality??  Is it a new version of SharePoint?

What happened here… When the users have a characteristic that they are using continually it’s important that they have it in a new version otherwise the IT people are all incompetent. Yes, it’s normal. (I don´t speak here about the new office 2007 Ribbon bar, only to remember
that my users still hate me, as if it were my fault) 

Now they are using the SPSProfessional cut copy & paste feature and the navigation webparts… both work on WSS3 and MOSS 2007.  You can see some images here, and here

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