[Event] CloudBurst 2013: the Sweden Windows Azure Group Developer Conference

CloudBurst2013CloudBurst is a Windows Azure developer conference run by the Sweden Windows Azure Group (SWAG). The event features two days of sessions from Windows Azure community and industry leaders and provides real-world content for Windows Azure developers and those wanting to explore the platform. The focus will be on developing Windows Azure applications and real-world cloud-based solutions.

The event will run for two days on September 19 – 20, 2013 at the headquarters of Microsoft in Stockholm, where the "top" Azure MVPs will share sessions around the Windows Azure platform. Organizers for SWAG are the two Swedish Windows Azure MVPs Alan Smith and Magnus Mårtensson.

The event is free to attend and if can’t go to Stockholm for the date don’t worry, the event will be streamed via Microsoft World Wide Events. You have all the information on the CloudBurst 2013 website:

CloudBurst 2013 event information

And don’t loose the “DNN Cloud Services – Under the Hood” session!

ReadySetGoIt is my pleasure to participate as a speaker in a session to discuss how we implemented DNN Cloud Services on the Windows Azure platform. For an hour I will be showing some details of the most interesting subsystems as the DNN Verification Extension Service created using Azure cloud services and messaging queues; how we have deployed about 20,000 instances of product trials with Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server on Virtual Machines and all fully automated; or how we have built a backend system using a CQRS pattern and able to deploy DNN instances on any infrastructure, from web Sites to Cloud Services.

See you in Stockholm!

Un saludo y “Happy Kodning”!!

PS: Did I tell you that you can still get an Aston Martin? Smile


David Rodriguez, is a happy Spanish guy living and working in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) where he was born. He is one of the lucky ones who has the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies at Intelequia as CTO. He has more than 20 years development background mostly based on Microsoft technologies, designing and architecting highly scalable systems like reservation systems for airlines companies. He has been working with Microsoft Azure since it was on CTP, migrating on-premise systems to the cloud, co-founding the .NET User Group TenerifeDev as well as the CSV company Intelequia Software Solutions. He is also the author of different DNN-Azure open source projects available on GitHub such as caching providers, analytics and Azure Active Directory.

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