Speaking at the European SharePoint Conference

Today I’ve been given the opportunity to deliver a session around social at the European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona. It has been a very special event for me because it has been my first event of its kind being a speaker, and also because it has taken place in the city I was born and raised. The session has been quite well for being my first one, in my opinion, but I have done at least two beginners’ mistakes (two that I’m aware of). First one is running out of time before finishing all the demos. Second one is forgetting to add my contact details in the last slide. I hope I can partially correct these two errors with this post.

For the first one, is difficult you get to this post if I haven’t shared the blog’s url with you. I will leave it to the magic of social networks and to the ESPC’s organization with regards to spreading the word.

For the second one, just wanted to let you know that all the code you have seen is publicly online in https://bitbucket.org/martons/xsocial

As I have told you during the session, this is not production ready code. It’s not following best practices and, actually, it has been my first experience with AngularJS, so don’t expect this to be the best starting point for any project. However, it can give you some good ideas and I hope it can save you some time if you need to do things around social.

A can’t promise anything, but my idea is to continue improving the code and adding more capabilities so it really becomes a good starting point for any of you who are interested in this area. Stay tunned!

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  1. you’ve been outstanding mate!! I remember at least a couple of time when people were clapping loudly…
    seriously, one of the best sessions in the conference.

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