Language switch

When I started blogging my expectations were quite low. Having more than a couple of readers was something that was absolutely not in my mind. My main goal was having a place to share my experiences with my colleagues instead of redirecting them just to Google when they were stuck with something.

Now, after moving to Switzerland, the amount of colleagues who can read my posts has been reduced dramatically, as only a few of them speak Spanish. This fact has pushed me to take the decision of changing the main language of this blog.

I know it will be more difficult for me, as my English is far from being perfect, but this is also a challenge that I always wanted to face. The only thing I will ask you is patience while my writing skills improve on that new language. Probably I won’t be able to write long posts at the beginning and, that’s for sure, it will be really hard to add my small pieces of humor into them.

To ensure I can face this challenge I will try to publish a weekly post. This is something more than optimistic, as I’ve been unable to do this even in my own language. Let’s see for how long I can keep this 😉