Visual Studio ALM Rangers: Liberado 5 nuevos proyectos sobre VSTS 2010


En este primer post del año quiero darles a conocer que la semana pasada fueron liberados en codeplex 5 interesantes proyectos de los VSTS Rangers, extraordinario grupo del que formo parte así como participación en 2 de los 5 proyectos liberados. A continuación les comparto un resumen (en inglés) de los proyectos con su respectivo enlace al sitio de codeplex. Espero les ayude a sacarle el máximo provecho al nuevo VSTS.


TFSIntegrationTFS Integration Platform (Actualización publicada esta semana. Ver detalles en TFS Integration Platform – A new release has been dropped on Codeplex ).

The TFS Integration Platform is a project developed by the Team Foundation Server (TFS) product group and the Visual Studio ALM Rangers to facilitate the development of tools that integrate TFS with other systems. Currently, the scope of this project is to enable TFS to integrate with other version control and work-item/bug tracking systems, but the eventual goal of this project is to enable integration with a broader range of tools/systems (i.e. build). This platform enables the development of two major classifications of tools: tools that move data unidirectionally into TFS, and tools that synchronize data bidirectionally.


Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance

VSTSQuickRef Welcome to the Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance! Steven van Niekerk (Technical Lead / Architect, BB&D South-Africa) initiated this project with his question “Can you tell me about TFS and VSTS in 5 minutes?”
The Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance consists of compact cheat sheets for Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 and Visual Studio (VS) 2010, addressing the core problem of teams in the field who are unaware of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server capabilities or have little time to invest in detailed education.
The artifacts include an overview document and poster that allows you to quickly focus on individual areas like testing, by providing crisp and compact guidance sheets and quick reference posters. You can take these to your 5-min coffee break discussions or use them as a stepping stone to the more detailed and in-depth guidance you will find on MSDN.

Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Virtualization Guidance

VMFactory Welcome to the Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Virtualization Guidance Community Site!
Visual Studio 2010 VM Factory is the reference implementation of a software solution that automates the creation of Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 virtualized environments. The purpose of this project is to build prescriptive guidance around virtualization of the Visual Studio 2010 and guidance for full automation of the creation of virtual machines using the VM Factory. The goal is to help users with the installation and configuration of virtualized environments with least effort and maximum automation.


Visual Studio 2010 TFS Upgrade Guide

TFSUpgrade Welcome to the Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 Upgrade Guide. This guide covers scenarios which may be encountered during and after the upgrade process. It provides examples of most common and potential issues. It covers scenarios related to general Upgrade Process, Work Item Templates, Reports, and Enterprise TFS Management (ETM). Although this guide refers to TFS 2008 scenarios, almost all the concepts apply also to TFS 2005.



Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance

VSTSReqMang This Ranger solution addresses the People, Process, and Technology guidance for Requirements Engineering (RE) using Team Foundation Server. The goal of this guidance is to provide formalized Microsoft field experience in the form of recommended procedures and processes, Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server configurations, and skill development references for the Requirements Engineering discipline of your application lifecycle.

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