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SharePoint Diagnostics (SPDiag) Tool v1.0 for SharePoint Products and Technologies

The real power of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is that they can be endlessly customized to meet a wide variety of business needs. The Protean nature of SharePoint is at once its most powerful feature and its most formidable; the complexity of your SharePoint environment can increase by orders of magnitude when you begin to shape it to suit your needs. This complexity can make troubleshooting SharePoint issues a daunting task, as many different data points from different sources must be correlated and analyzed.


What I like about ForeFront Security for SharePoint

ForeFront Security for SharePoint has some additional functionalities that most administrators are interested in having in their farm management tool-box. Specifically, this product advertising to have the following features…


Integrating External Document Repositories with SharePoint Server 2007

This article presents a complete architecture and sample code for integrating an external repository with Office SharePoint Server 2007. The solution enables you to view and manage documents in an external repository through the Office SharePoint Server 2007 user interface (UI). While some repository vendors provide Web parts that enable document browsing and viewing, this solution goes far beyond these basic capabilities to provide a complete integration of the repository. Using this architecture, end users can create libraries in Office SharePoint Server 2007 that include documents from an external repository without copying those documents into Office SharePoint Server 2007. Users are also able to maintain the documents by using Office SharePoint Server 2007 capabilities such as check-in, check-out, edit properties, version history, and document upload and download. The solution also enables complete integration of external documents with SharePoint workflows, list columns, task lists, and other libraries.


SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1 is released

SPDisposeCheck is a tool to help SharePoint Developers follow memory management best practices when using the SharePoint API with IDisposable objects including SPSite and SPWeb. This tool is not supported by Microsoft and is recommended to be used on Developer workstations and not on production SharePoint Server installations.


Visio 2007 shapes for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0.

Each of the libraries below contains all the shapes that are required to produce informative and professional results quickly and simply. These sets, can be used by dedicated professionals, casual designers or novice users to deliver impressive domain specific drawings and diagrams.


Common error situation when using backup/restore to transfer a database to a new farm on MOSS 2007

In the past I have seen the following problem a couple of times: a customer creates a backup of a content database on one server farm (e.g. using STSADM -o backup or a DB backup in SQL) and restores the backup on a different farm and attaches the content database to a web application.

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