Enlaces Interesantes WPF/Silverlight – 01/12/2009

Aquí vienen los enlaces correspondientes a hoy


  • WCF RIA Services and a guide to use DTO/”Presentation Model” and WCF RIA Services Unity DomainServiceFactory (Fredrik Normen)
  • MEF has landed in Silverlight 4. We come in the name of extensibility. and Building the Hello MEF dashboard in Silverlight 4 – Part I (Glenn Block)
  • Silverlight 4: Sum is Greater than the Parts (John Papa)
  • Adding Images on Silverlight 4 using drag and drop and the web camera. (Al Pascual)
  • Document Toolkit Roadmap (Koen Zwikstra)
  • Data Driven Application Development using WCF and Silverlight 3.0 User Controls (Mahesh Sabnis)
  • Text Deformation Based on Bézier Splines (Charles Petzold)
  • Silverlight Game: Froggy Math (Andy Beaulieu)

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