Enlaces Interesantes WPF/Silverlight 22-12-2009

Seguimos con fiebre así que por ahora la cabeza solo me da para escribir este tipo de posts



  • Software Escrow as a Service with EPS, Silverlight and Azure (Jared Bienz)
  • Contributing to the SL HVP (Jesse Liberty)
  • Another Silverlight Centering Trick and Use the Right Container for ListBox Scrolling (Joel Cochran)
  • Silverlight 4 demos from my PDC Keynote now available (Scott Guthrie)
  • Silverlight-powered Virtual DVD now available from Tesco (Silverlight Team)
  • Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow! Wow! (David Lemphers)
  • Rotate your text in the WPF DataGrid Column Headers (Margaret Parsons)
  • ViewModel Pattern and Speech as UI. Help me Obi Wan, where’s the View? (Pete Brown)
  • Using the Silverlight Toolkit LayoutTransformer Control for Angled Column Header Text (Cheryl Simmons)
  • Flash to Silverlight Guide – MovieClip to UserControl (Adam Kinney)
  • Silverlight 4: Drag&drop with EventToCommand (Laurent Bugnion)
  • Extending the SMF for the HVP (Jesse Liberty)
  • Open-Source WPF Reporting Engine (Rudi Grobler)
  • HVP – Core Scaffolding and Updated News (Jesse Liberty)
  • The Completion of the 31 Days of Silverlight and Day #20: Adding Audio to Silverlight Events (Jeff Blankenburg)
  • Architecting SL4 Applications with RIA Services, MEF and MVVM – Part 2 (Shawn Wildermuth)
  • View-the-box (Rudi Grobler)
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