Enlaces interesantes WPF/Silverlight 13-02-2010

Despues de una semana loca en el trabajo y sin poder escribir nada os pongo los enlaces interesantes de hoy, bueno de toda la semana


  • FFT and oscilloscopes in Silverlight (Coding4Fun)
  • This one time, at band camp… [A banded StackPanel implementation for Silverlight and WPF!] (David Anson)
  • Getting Started with WPF : Hello World in Multiple Flavors (Pete Brown)
  • Design and XAML on Different Document Tabs — vstipTool0009 (Zain Naboulsi)
  • Addressing the Pre-Loader Issue (John Stockton)
  • VS2010: The «ValidateXaml» task failed unexpectedly (Andy Beaulieu)
  • The Book of WPF (Pete Brown)
  • Using Silverlight Media Framework for simple playback (Tim Heuer)
  • Helpful Silverlight Snippets (Jeff Wilcox)
  • What’s Wrong With This Code #24 (K. Scott Allen)
  • The Ugly Duckling and Transforming an Ugly Duckling to a Graceful Swan with Expression Blend and Silverlight – Part I (András Velvárt)
  • SketchFlow: Exploring Ideas (Christian Schormann)
  • Planetary Body Shader Part 1 (Dave Brown)
  • Getting Started with WPF : Hello World in multiple flavors (Pete Brown)
  • Planetary Body Shader Part 2 and HDR Effects (Dave Brown)
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