With this recognition we join the exclusive list of technology companies appointed by Microsoft to be part of the Mixed Reality Partner Program, thus becoming the first Spanish partner of the technological multinational to do so.

“We are delighted to announce Plain Concepts as our first Mixed Reality Partner in Spain. We’re impressed with their commitment and skills—and we’re confident that they will deliver transformational solutions for their clients,” said Jeff Hansen, Microsofts’ head of Mixed Reality marketing.

Thanks to this appointment, we will work closely with the Microsoft Hololens team in EMEA and the United States, which will allow us to adopt the latest possibilities of mixed holographic reality in sectors such as Marketing, Health, Industry, Construction or Retail.

This recognition represents a great step forward for us, and is the result of the great work and experience accumulated in the development of mixed reality projects, in part, thanks to their own 3D multiplatform graphics engine Wave Engine, which allows Plain Concepts to develop exclusive visual experiences for our clients, pushing one step further than traditional 3D development engines.

One of the most outstanding projects we have developed, was the presentation on Aura given by Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica, at the last Mobile World Congress, which included the developments of Plain Concepts and Wave Engine to present the new platform with the Microsoft Hololens.

Chema Alonso took advantage of this international event to present in front of over 100,000 attendees the new features of Aura using Hololens. Thanks to the development carried out by Plain Concepts, everybody attending could enjoy the exact same experience without needing to wear the glasses themselves as the holograms that the CDO was seeing through his glasses could be retransmitted live through an external camera.

Presentation of Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica



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