Aegon is a multinational insurance company that recently opened a new service called Canal Assessor. For this new service, Plain Concepts has developed a web application through which Aegon consultants can make a personalized investment proposal for the customer with easy to understand visuals of their investment options.

In the final app, the Aegon consultant must transfer a series of data points from its customers to the web application, such as age, current salary, amount of their savings, among others. If there is not a complete profile worth of data available, the agent can also choose between hypotheses scenario questions that the application answers to automatically generates data for uncertain or future situations. For example, it would be used estimating the customers current cost of living to continue maintaining his standard of living at the time of his retirement or if he is interested in a risky investment fund for his savings with shorter vest time. 

In a few simple steps, with this application the Aegon consultants will be able to generate a deliverable commercial offer to the client with a summary of the products that fit them, and a comprehensive action plan to protect your life, optimize your savings and plan your retirement.

In the technical part, it is necessary to indicate that the web application has been designed adapted to mobile devices and tablets since the Aegon consultants is in a wide array of scenarios when they see the customer.

The application has been hosted in Microsoft Azure, which improves the costs and allows the app to be scalable, that is, in specific moments of peaks (for example a promotion) you can deploy more Azure machines to help serve all the users who are currently using the application during these high traffic periods.

With the use of this new application the customer experience has been greatly improved, additionally the work has been made easier for the Aegon consultants since they can quickly and easily deliver a customized, easily interpretable and above all visually appealing solution to the client.