From Alicante, Bilbao and Madrid  to Budapest, Berlin and LA! Check out where the next Plain Concepts events will be in December.

2nd December

DevFest LA 2018 – Los Angeles
Our most international speaker Richard Lewington, will be speaking about Augmenting Reality in Education in the DevFest LA 2018 event.

6th & 7th December

Stretch Conference 2018 – Budapest, Hungary
Richard Lewington will be speaking about Augmenting the Reality of Education for the 21st Century.

8th & 9th December

B.I.T. BERLIN 2018 – Berlin, Germany
In this event, Richard Lewington will be speaking about What Digital Transformation is.–locations.html

13th & 14th December

Conferencia Agile Spain 2018 – Alicante
Luis Fraile will be speaking about  “DevOps 101 – Hacía la excelencia técnica” and  Ibon Landsa  “DevOps, la necesidad del feedback”

15th December – Madrid

Global AI /MR Bootcamp – Madrid & London
We are sponsoring the event that will take place in Madrid and London. Rodrigo Cabello, our MVP in AI, is one of the organizers of the event in Madrid and Pablo Doval, our principal Data Architect is one of the organizers of the event in London.