Camera 2D


One of the major improvements in 2D games using Wave Engine is the new Camera 2D feature.

With a Camera 2D, you can pan, zoom and rotate the display area of the 2D world. So now making a 2D game with a large scene is straightforward.

Some key features:

  • FixedCamera, FreeCamera decorators.
  • Pan, zoom and rotate the camera 2D.
  • Change the camera projection between orthogonal and perspective.
  • Parallax Scrolling

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What’s new in 1.4


We are glad to announce that WaveEngine 1.4 (Dolphin) is out! This is probably our biggest release until now, with a lot of new features.

New Demo

Alongside with the 1.4 Release of Wave Engine, we have published in our GitHub repository a new sample to show all the features included in this new version.
In this sample you play Yurei, a little ghost character that slides through a dense forest and a haunted house.

Some key features:

  • The new Camera 2D is crucial to follow the little ghost across the way.
  • Parallax scrolling effect done automatically with the Camera2D perspective projection.
  • Animated 2D model using Spine model with FFD transforms.
  • Image Effects to change the look and feel of the scene to make it scarier.

The source code of this sample is available in our GitHub sample repository

Binary version for Windows PC, Here.

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New Image Effect library


This new library in WaveEngine comes with more than 20 image effects implemented as camera lenses.

All lenses have been optimized to work in real time on mobile devices.

To give easy access to new image effects lens, you will find all of them in the ImageEffects static class.

With one line of code you can add one of these new lenses to the game camera (2D or 3D), multiple lenses is allowed for the same camera instance.

Here is the complete source code of WaveEngine library.

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