SURFACE: Hoy se hace publico el SP1 de Surface

Según se anuncia en el blog oficial de Microsoft Surface hoyse publica el Service Pack 1 de Microsoft Surface con una gran serie de mejoras:

Application Development

  • API enhancements, WFP library and menu controls
  • Stress testing tool
  • 128-big identity tag resources

New platform capabilities

  • Enabling users to quickly switch between applications using tagged object routing
  • Background service application support 

Improved User Interface

  • Improved «Access Points»
  • Single application mode
  • Touch/contact feedback and visualization


  • Localized end-user and administrative interface in available counties
  • New calibration guides removing need for external display during configuration
  • Microsoft Update integration
  • Microsoft Management Pack support

Podemos ver un avace en los siguientes enlaces:

Anuncio del lanzamiento

Video con demo del SP1