Sabado por la mañana, dolor de muelas, cosas interesantes para leer.

No podia dormir por que me duelen las muelas 🙁 asi que me he puesto a dar vueltas por internet, y he estado leyendo algunas cosas que me han parecido interesantes. 

Atacando a SAP:

Rootkits basados en virtualización:

Otra de Oracle, que dolor:

PPT sobre SML (Service Modeling Language):






Ya esta aqui VSMMD

The VSMMD is a tool for modeling line-of-business health scenarios and the associated instrumentation. The tool includes guidance packages that generate platform instrumentation (called Instrumentation Helpers) and validators to confirm that application source code contains instrumentation defined in the Health Model. Lastly is the Management Guide that contains prescriptive guidance on building highly manageable applications on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The VSMMD also includes a guidance package to export a transformed model to the stand-alone Management Model Designer (MMD). The MMD may be used to continue to model additional management attributes as you progress to the total system view. The MMD also enables you to generate a Management Pack for Microsoft MOM and System Center.

VSMMD is in an early stage of development. It was developed to help raise the Architect and Developer awareness of the ITPRO. patterns & practices is releasing this CTP with a level of functionality to enable the end-to-end adoption and consuption of the health modeling scenario from Architecture to IT.

Cosas Interesantes 30/03/2007

Hoy en cosas interesantes: Buenas practicas en el Mirroring, Softgrid 4.1 SP1 y 4.2, VM Workstation 6 RC, Virtual Machine Additions for Linux 1.2.

Buenas practicas en el Mirroring.

Softgrid 4.1 SP1 y 4.2.

Mejoras en el rendimiento y finalmente soporte para Vista con UAC activado.

SoftGrid 4.1 Service Pack 1

SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 is mostly a hotfix and critical updates release, improving overall system stability and compatibility. A noteworthy improvement is the ability to sequence applications using Side by Side assemblies (aka WinSxS), including Visual Studio Express and Office 2007, among many other applications from both third party ISV’s and Microsoft. Expected availability is in the second quarter of this year and the release will be made available for download as soon as test is completed. We will release the Sequencer, Desktop Client, Terminal Server Client and Server at the same time. 

SoftGrid 4.2

SoftGrid 4.2 builds on the 4.1 improvements by adding Windows Vista compatibility, both on the sequencer and client.  There is not going to be a 4.2 version of the Server or the Terminal Server client as the moniker 4.2 is reserved for the components adding Windows Vista compatibility. We expect a final release some time around Q3 of this year. We expect 4.1 SP1 and 4.2 to maintain parity over time, the only exception being Windows Vista compatibility in the 4.2 components.

– The SoftGrid Team

VM Workstation 6 RC.

Como siempre un paso por delante en features.

VMware announced that that VMware Workstation 6.0 release candidate is now available. The release candidate contains feature enhancements and will run without debug logging.

Workstation 6.0 provides exciting new features, including the following:

  • Support for Windows Vista – Use Windows Vista as host operating system
  • Multiple monitor display –You can configure a VM to span multiple monitors, or multiple VMs to each display on separate monitors.
  • Support for USB 2.0 devices – You can now use peripherals that require high-speed performance in your VMs, such as MP3 Players and fast storage devices
  • VM Record/Replay – Use this feature to record VM activities and be guaranteed to reproduce the exact VM state 100% of the time.
  • Integrated Virtual Debugger – Workstation integrates with Visual Studio and Eclipse so you can deploy, run, and debug programs in a VM directly from your preferred IDE
  • Automation APIs (VIX API 1.1) – You can write scripts and programs to automate VM testing.

You can find detailed information on new features, answers to frequently asked questions, links to download the product, release notes, etc. at:

Virtual Machine Additions for Linux 1.2.

Enterprise distributions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (update 6)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (update 6)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Standard distributions
Red Hat Linux 7.3
Red Hat Linux 9.0
SuSE Linux 9.2
SuSE Linux 9.3
SuSE Linux 10.0

The Virtual Machine Additions for Linux are supported through the product support channels for Virtual Server 2005 R2


System Center Service Manager Beta 1 Pantallazos.

Este producto es alucinante, no os perdais los pantallazos de la beta 1.

Service Manager: Analyst Console
Service Manager: Request Software
Service Manager: Request Submitted
Service Manager: Self Service Portal
Service Manager: Approval Email
Service Manager: Approval Webpage
Service Manager: Assets
Service Manager: Search
Service Manager: Vista Sidebar Gadget


Cosas Interesantes 28/03/2007

Hoy en cosas interesantes: El verdadero video anuncio de Mac, Ventas de SoftGrid, Retraso del SP3 de SMS, DPM v2 Roadmap, El futuro de SCCM 2007, Videos del primer dia del MMS, Release Notes del SP1 de Exchange 2007, ISA Server y el SP2 De Windows, Nueva «compra de licencia» Smarts y Microsoft.

El verdadero video anuncio de Mac.

Ventas de SoftGrid. 

Las ventas de Softgrid de este año han superado ya a las del producto en toda su historia. 

Retraso del SP3 de SMS.

Se retrasa dos o tres semanas el SP3 de SMS .

DPM v2 Roadmap.

Beta 2 in April

RC in summer

RTM after summer

GA in Fall

El futuro de SCCM 2007.

SCCM 2007 (SMS) SP1

  • Changes to support Vista SP 1 and LHS
  • Key CCS reported bugs and CDCR’s

SCCM 2007 (SMS)  R2:

  • OS Deployment update

    • Multicast with LH server, unknown machine

  • Enterprise Scale application virtualisation (Softgrid)

Videos del primer dia del MMS.

  Models and the future of IT.
A key aspect of the Dynamic Systems Initiative is modeling—the ability to embed into software the knowledge that typically resides in the minds of IT workers. In this video, you walk through a real-world scenario of how models expand what IT can do with software to ease management and deployment of applications.
Watch video .
  Infrastructure Optimization: The blueprint for value in DSI.
As Microsoft moves forward with the Dynamic Systems Initiative, the question arises: where is the value for customers today? The answer is found in the company’s Infrastructure Optimization model, which is helping customers get more out of their IT investments—while changing Microsoft’s dialogue with customers.
Watch video .
  DSI Defined: the vision behind Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative.
Four years after unveiling DSI, Microsoft is delivering on a series of important milestones in its 10-year quest to redefine IT. In this video, you’ll hear from the people who are helping to make DSI a reality and what it means for customers today.
Watch video .
  System Center: Announcing the availability of Systems Center Operations Manager 2007.
Customer feedback from the trenches of IT management served as the foundation for new capabilities in Systems Center Operations Manager 2007. Learn more about what is wowing early adopters and the broader vision for Microsoft’s expanding management portfolio.
Watch video .

Release Notes del SP1 de Exchange 2007.

Parece que la beta la tendremos en uno o dos meses, pero ya podemos ver las release notes.

Algunas mejoras en OWA y en UM y tambien lo mas interesante para mi, poder tener servidores en standby.

ISA Server y el SP2 De Windows.

1.     If you run ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition with or without the ISA Server SP2, you must install ADAM SP1 on the ISA Server Configuration Storage Server prior to installing the Windows Server 2003 SP2. ADAM SP1 can be downloaded from
If you install Windows Server 2003 SP2 without first installing the ADAM SP1, ISA Server will not start after the installation, and you will have to uninstall Windows Server 2003 SP2. Further information is available in the Windows Server 2003 SP2 release notes, at .

2.     If you run ISA Server 2000, 2004 or 2006 Standard or Enterprise editions on a multi-core / multi-processor 32-bit computer, and the CPU is heavily utilized, you might experience performance degradation in certain deployment scenarios after installing Windows Server 2003 SP2. The issue stems from a change in interrupt handling introduced in SP2.
To correct the issue you must download and run the Interrupt Affinity Tool (intfiltr) available in Windows Server 2003 resource kit (
You can read about installation and usage of intfiltr.exe in

3.     If your network adaptors (NICs) support receive-side scaling (RSS), then in certain NAT scenarios ISA Server 2000, 2004 or 2006 Standard or Enterprise editions might not transfer packets from one NIC to the other after installation of Windows Server 2003 SP2.
To correct the issue you must disable RSS support ­­- follow the instructions in;EN-US;927695.

Nueva «compra de licencia» Smarts y Microsoft.

Key to the announcement, Microsoft is licensing EMC® Smarts® network discovery and health monitoring technology to be included in a future version of Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager, the company’s award-winning solution for end-to-end service monitoring in the enterprise IT environment. Additionally, EMC is also developing value-added network management and root-cause analysis management packs to be used in conjunction with both current and future versions of System Center Operations Manager.

Delivering against the initial phase of this agreement, EMC today is announcing the EMC Smarts Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. This two-way connector enables Smarts to share network discovery, topology and root-cause events with Operations Manager and for Operations Manager to synchronize alert status and resolution back to EMC Smarts technology — thus allowing customers to leverage the benefits of a closely integrated network and systems management suite for service availability today. The connector will be generally available in May 2007.

Mas en:



Webcast esta tarde a las 5:30 (Securización del entorno de Operations Manager)

Esta tarde Microsoft emitira en directo una webcast mia sobre la securización de MOM 2005.

Los interesados os podeis registrar en:

Para los que no querais asistir virtualmente o no podais, la webcast quedara grabada.


SCSD (System Center Service Desk) Registrate para la beta

Este producto incluye modulos para la gestion de incidencias, problemas, cambios y assets, trabajo bajo ITIL y proporciona una CMDB, todo el servicio se modela mediante XML a traves del SML (Service Model Language)

System Center code name “Service Desk” links IT to the business by enabling IT organizations to respond to changing business needs while delivering reliable and cost-effective IT services. “Service Desk” is an extensible platform that delivers out-of-box workflows to automate IT operations around incident and problem resolution, IT change control, and asset lifecycle management. Leveraging a model-based CMDB, “Service Desk” complements Configuration Manager and Operations Manager by serving as the central hub through which all IT assets and processes are tracked, playing a critical role in driving the value of IT services to the business.

Register for the Beta

El producto saldra en la segunda parte del 2008 dado que es muy ambicioso y tendra que ser muy probado.

Otro articulo:


System Center Capacity Planner 2007 (SCCP) Beta

En ya se puede acceder a la beta del SCCP 2007, este producto nos permite generar una arquitectura dimensionada segun los parametros que introduzcamos.

Las arquitecturas pueden ser de MOM o Exchange, aunque se supone que en SCCP 2007 se podran realizar tambien para productos como Sharepoint o SQL, pero esto esta por confirmar.

El producto parece avanzado, tiene una ayuda muy desarrollada para ser una beta y se espera que salga en Julio.

Los modelos generados son modificables, se puede introducir nuestro propio Hardware y definir los parametros de nuestras comunicaciones, en fin una herramienta muy interensante para todos los que tenemos que ocuparnos del dimensionamiento.

Animaros a probarlo, la beta solo ocupa 5Mb.

SCOM 2007 ya esta aqui!!!!!!!

SCOM 2007 tambien conocido como MOM 20007 o Mom v3, ya esta en RTM de momento solo esta para descarga la versión de evaluación pero en unos dias podremos contar con la versión para Select y MSDN.

El anuncio oficial se realizara en el MMS.

Las novedades de esta versión son muchas pero sin duda hay que destacar la evolución del producto para monitorizar de una forma mas basada en soluciones que en servidores.