[VS ALM Rangers]– Nuevas guías en Camino!!

Me es grato darles a conocer que este mes los VS ALM Rangers hemos comenzado 3 nuevos proyectos ( la comunidad nos dió a conocer sus necesidades y hemos dado inicio al desarrollo de las necesidades mas votadas), a continuación su definición en inglés:


  • LAB Management Guide (TFSLM)
    The vision of this projects is to provide practical and scenario-based guidance, backed by  custom VM Template automation for reference environments
  • Word Plug-in for TFS (TFSWP)
    The vision of this project is to support the communication between the non-technical users, who prefer Word as requirements elicitation tool, and the developer persona. Bidirectional link between Word and TFS work item tracking is a typical example but as usual, all details will be defined by the project team.
  • Wall of Scrum (TFSSW)
    TFS 2010 has a  compelling story on agile development but there is something missing. Customers are asking for a digital Scrum board as an alternative to the sticky notes on planning board. This solution is going to be integrated with TFS for enhanced team collaboration. As usual, we are going to focus on a few top features and at the same time deliver an extensible and customizable solution.

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