Server Performance Advisor

El próximo martes habrá un Webcasts acerca de Server Performance Advisor y cómo nos puede ayudar a detectar cuellos de botella dentro de IIS.

Finding IIS Bottlenecks using Server Performance Advisor (Nivel 200)
Martes 8 de Noviembre – 11:30am

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) has been a «black box» for many versions now. Have you had the urge to open it up? IIS 6.0 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 delivers a strong infrastructure for finding problems with Web applications. Using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Tracing for Windows (ETW), the Server Performance Advisor (SPA) can compile statistical data on your Web applications for later review. This webcast covers the basics around SPA and ETW and looks at how to set up, configure, and analyze the data collected by SPA.

Presenter: Chris Davis, Software Design Engineering Lead, Microsoft Corporation

A look inside Operations

La próxima semana habrá 5 webcasts preparados para ayudarnos a conocer cómo funciona por dentro


High Availability Architecture with Operations (Nivel 200)
Lunes 7 de Noviembre – 11:30am

Hear from the Operations system engineers who operate the highest-scale Microsoft Internet Information Services solutions on the Internet, including, Windows Update, MSDN/TechNet, Downloads, and more. These experienced engineers share their Web hosting secrets for high availability architectures, including the areas surrounding network security, cluster and host-level load balancing, and Web and database server distributions.

Presenter: Chris Adams, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Chris Adams is a program manger on the Microsoft Web Platform and Tools team. Chris has been working on the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) product for five years. He is currently certified as a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating systems. He specializes in IIS versions 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, and the upcoming IIS 7.0.

Configuration Management of Web Farms with Operations (Nivel 200)
Martes 8 de Noviembre – 9:30am

Get one-on-one interaction with the Operations senior system engineers responsible for running and Windows Update to see how they perform scripted administration and deployment of configuration settings across the infrastructure. In this webcast, the engineers show sample scripts and provide visibility into how they leverage various commands to be released with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0.

Presenter: Jeff Toews, Senior Systems Engineer –, Microsoft Corporation


Change and Release Management Strategies with Operations (Level 200)
Miércoles 9 de Noviembre – 11:30am

The Operations team provides pointers on how you can effectively manage your software updates, providing examples from the team’s experience with operating system deployments, service pack releases, and security updates. This webcast also covers the approach that Operations takes to application releases. You will learn about the strategies that the team uses to work with the product development teams across Microsoft including developers, testers, and program managers.

Presenters: Wayne King, Operations Group Manager –, Microsoft Corporation, Don Chappell, Release Management –, Microsoft Corporation, and George Holman, Sr. Systems Engineer –, Microsoft Corporation



Monitor and Manage an Enterprise Platform with Operations (Level 200)
Jueves 10 de Noviembre – 11:30am

Partner with the senior engineers at Operations to learn how they manage over 2,000 servers running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server in three remote data centers. This webcast describes how the Operations team uses a suite of technologies and operational processes for asset management, performance data collection and reporting, and system and application level uptime analysis. This session also describes how uses Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Operations Manager for server management.

Presenters: Scott Gaskins, Group Development Manager –, Microsoft Corporation, Howie Aikins, Development Lead, Microsoft Corporation, and Will Lally, Application Developer, Microsoft Corporation

Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Hosting Environments with Operations (Level 300)
Viernes 11 de Noviembre – 11:30am

Dive under the hood with our senior system engineers at Operations to learn how they troubleshoot and debug hosted Microsoft ASP.NET applications and database-driven systems. This webcast provides real-life examples that explain how to use popular tools such as LogParser, Server Performance Advisor, Performance Monitor, and Network Monitor. The webcast also includes some common procedures that you can use when these tools fail to help you find the root cause of a problem.

Presenters: Jim Dobbin, Senior Systems Engineer –, Microsoft Corporation, Jeff Johnson, Senior Systems Engineer –, Microsoft Corporation, Khalil Nassar, Senior Systems Engineer –, Microsoft Corporation, and Jeff Stucky, Debug Manager –, Microsoft Corporation