Plain Concepts has developed a medical assistant based on augmented reality designed to guide a doctor and provide them with a complete patient history in order aid them during a biopsy for the Integrated Health Organization Araba – Basque Osakidetza.

One of the main features of this application is that it allows the clinician to scan a patient’s QR code, connect to the hospital PACS and send the doctor all the necessary information they would need such as CT images which would be reproduced into 3D by the HoloLens before performing the biopsy.

In this video, we can see a demo of this innovative application developed by the Plain Concepts research team using the Wave Engine 3D development engine.

One of the main advantages highlighted by Mª Ángeles García Fidalgo, Head of the Medical Physics and Radiological Protection Service of the health organization in a talk given to TEDx Vitoria-Gasteiz on April 14, is that «it will not change the clinician’s way of working. The same things are done, but more EASILY and with more information. The information shown by the glasses includes images of the body’s interior projected onto the real patient. With simple hand gestures in the air or voice instructions, the doctor will be able to handle those projections until they have chosen the site they want to inject. The software developed for these glasses guides the doctor like a GPS of the car, indicating at which point of the skin should be entered, at what angle and at what depth».