Los días 28 y 30 de mayo tendrán lugar direfentes workshops sobre Angular, ASP .NET Core o Dockers en las oficinas de Plain Concepts


28th May 9:30-18:00  

Tiberius Covaci Microsoft Regional Director, Full-Stack Tech Lead.

Angular is a JavaScript framework brought to you by the same team at Google that brought the AngularJS framework.

Angular is a completely new framework, and except the name and some of the core team members, has little to do with the old version.

Angular targets modern browsers, and is written completely in TypeScript, a JavaScript superset developed by Microsoft. In this workshop you will learn how to set up the dev environment, the basics of TypeScript and ES2015/ES2016, and of course the basics of Angular.

At the end of the day, you will have a much better understanding of Angular, together with a complete solution that you can take home with you so you can continue to work on it and improve your skills.

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28th May 9:30-18:00 

Scott Brady Identity and Access Control Lead at Rock Solid Knowledge. Pluralsight Author.

A whirlwind tour of claims-based identity, access control, OAuth, and OpenID Connect. In this workshop you’ll get hands on with implementing IdentityServer 4, securing APIs, and enabling simple, scalable Single Sign On (SSO).

As software developers, we work in one of the most rapidly changing industries available and in recent years this has been doubly true when dealing with security.Now we must adapt our products to release on multiple platforms, hosted on any device, anywhere in the world. To stay secure, we must take a closer look at how we handle authentication and authorization for protected resources.

In this workshop, we’ll explore best practices for securing ASP.NET websites, Single Page Applications (SPAs), and native applications. We’ll be implementing some of these during the day, so be sure to bring a fully charged laptop and some snacks.

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WORKSHOP .NET on Containers

Día 30 de mayo 9:30 a 18:00

Ponentes: Eduard Tomas y Carlos Fernandez, Software Development Engineer en Plain Concepts

Este workshop tiene como objetivo dar a conocer de forma eminentemente práctica como desde .NET podemos trabajar y obtener el máximo beneficio del uso de contenedores Docker y orquestadores como Kubernetes. Empezando desde los elementos más básicos como la integración de VS y VSCode con estas herramientas hasta el despliegue de aplicaciones empresariales complejas.

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