Plain Concepts joins forces with the University of Malaga’s School of Computer Engineering to run the first course on AI, Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning.

The course aims to develop training activities and research related to Artificial Intelligence as well as technologies related to Computational Learning and Data Analysis, as well as technologies related to Big Data analysis.

The course aims to give students first-hand insight into the business, access to the latest investigations and knowledge.

The university research group we are working with is called KHAOS, which is currently working on different lines of research related to Big Data analysis and different applications based on semantics.

Within the AI and Big Data course program are the following activities in which we will participate:

  • Collaboration in the delivery of the content of the Master’s level course:
    o SQL and NOSQL databases.
    o Predictive modeling. Neural networks. Deep Learning.
    o Natural Language Processing.
    o Realtime & IoT with predictive models.
  • Organization of an event with different speakers from Plain Concepts who will talk about the different areas and technologies related to the course such as: Semantic Web, Machine Learning applications in Big Data Analytics, new applications of Deep Learning for classification and detection of objects in images.
  • Innovative workshops where we will teach students how to approach and develop real projects with the technologies taught on the course.
  • Participation in different programs and scientific publications.
  • Collaboration with Master degree projects.
  • Plain Concepts presentations on Big Data and Deep Learning in real applications.
  • Scholarships and grants for students and possible employment in Plain Concepts.

If you would like to receive more information about this AI, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning course, then please do not hesitate to contact us at