The Dubai Meraas company whose main mission is to create a better city for its people and greater experiences for city visitors, commissioned Plain Concepts in exploring a totally innovative experience.

Dubai360 is a web portal from which a user can make a virtual tour of the city of Dubai. With this site you can get a 360 view of the city and visit its most characteristic buildings without having to move from the comfort of your home. The innovative experience is created through high-resolution photographs taken in series to create 360-degree​​ and panoramic scenes from important areas of Dubai. 

In addition to seeing the city in a virtual way and visiting its most emblematic buildings, users can share these scenes on social networks, as well as share information about these locations with others. To access the portal, you can simply access the URL 

This project gives great visibility to Dubai and projects a very positive image of the city. It provides benefits such as the promotion of tourism and retail. This is a very fun execution of what future city websites might have to offer.

In addition to the public portal indicated, the project is composed of an administration portal through which these scenes are uploaded and a link of them is established with others through hotspots.

The technologies used to develop this project have been:

React-Redux, .Net Core 2.0 Rest API, Krpano third-party software, Angular 2, Identity Server 4, Azure, Application Insights, Batch Account, SQL Database, SendGrind, postcss, SASS.