Plain Concepts will take part in a project focused on the Prevention of Occupational Risks through Artificial Intelligence. The AEI 2018 program is subsidised by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism at the cost of over €47,000.

The occupational risk prevention project, called Prev.IA, has been driven by the member companies of Digital Cluster, Plain Concepts and DAVINCITecnologías de la Información S.L.

The project which has received a total aid of €47,320 aims to demonstrate whether the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can cause an improvement in agility, implementation costs and the precision and results in the prevention of occupational risks.

The main objective is to apply a layer of artificial intelligence to the transmission of video in real time to analyze and detect patterns in the prevention of occupational hazards, with the aim of notifying whenever the system predicts a potentially risky behaviour.

The interest in testing Artificial Intelligence is based on the need to compare the technology with existing solutions, based on Sensors / IoT, which, although very precise, present high costs for companies. It is therefore proposed that the study of artificial intelligence work as an alternative to sensors.