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February 1, Barcelona

On the 1st of February, our colleague Eli Bernal will be in Barcelona presenting successful cases of the application of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR and Big Data in industry, retail and the health sector. Shee will also present some demos with the HoloLens!

More information here 


February 2, Logroño

There will be three workshops given by our MVPs Unai, Luis Ruiz Pavón, Carlos Landeras and Rodrigo Cabello:

  • Cloud Web Apps Workshop with Unai Zorilla and Luis Ruiz
  • Blockchain workshop with Carlos Landeras
  • Artificial Intelligence Workshop with Rodrigo Cabello

More information about the workshops, the event and registration here


February 9, Madrid

This year we will be sponsors of FrontFest, a specialized conference in the frontend community that will take place in Madrid. In addition, our partner Ismael Navarro Páez will be a speaker at the event!

If you want to see the agenda or buy your ticket, go here

Frontend developer Love

February 13, 14 and 15, Amsterdam

We will be sponsoring the Amsterdam event organized by Frontend Developer Meetups, where experts in Frontend technologies from all over Europe will meet for a series of talks and workshops. In addition, our partner Quique Fernandez, Software Development Engineer at Plain Concepts, will be a speaker.

All the information about the event and the acquisition of tickets can be found here

Multi Camp Tajamar

February 16, Madrid

On the 16th of February, we will participate in the MultiCamp organized by Tajamar where Plain Concepts will give the talk Safe infrastructures in Azure.

More information about the event

Workshop Identity Server 3ª edición

February 18, 19, 20 and 21, Barcelona

The third edition of the Identity Server Workshop will take place in February, given by our MVPs Unai and Luru. But this time, it will take place in our Barcelona offices.

If you are interested in attending, you can book your ticket through this link.

The workshop agenda can be found here.

DevOps Spain

February  28, Madrid

Carlos Landeras will be speaking about Kubernetes.

More info here