Por fin Yammer/Microsoft ha escuchado las multiples quejas de los clientes referentes sobre el modo de compartir enlaces externos. Y han creado una pestaña para que la navegacion sea comoda y se puedan compartir paginas sobre la plataforma de Yammer

La novedad consiste en la creacion de un extension que añade una tab de Yammer dentro del menu de tu navegador y  permite compartir rápidamente cualquier página web que se está viendo simplemente haciendo clic en el icono de Yammer, elegir qué grupo desea publicar su mensaje y, compartir tus propios comentarios con un enlace a la página.

Aun esta un poco verde , pero es un primer paso a una integracion de poder compartir paginas con tus contactos de Yammer

Os dejo el post completo aqui abajo



Introducing the Yammer Browser Extension

always excited to see the way you use Yammer, so when we noticed how
many customers are sharing external links we decided to build a new
feature to support this activity. Users frequently start discussions
around all kinds of web pages on Yammer, sharing everything from viral
news stories and business blogs to cloud-based business applications
like SharePoint. Now, we have made it even easier to share and talk
about these web pages within Yammer – with the Yammer Browser Extension.

The extension adds a Yammer tab to your browser menu, and lets you
quickly share any web page you’re viewing  – just click on the Yammer
icon, choose which Group you’d like to post your message into, and share
your own comments with a link to the page.


In addition, as you’re browsing the web,
the browser extension will notify you if there’s an existing Yammer
conversation about the page. If you see a red notification number on the
Yammer icon, that means that your coworkers are already having a
discussion on Yammer about that page – simply click on the Yammer icon
to pull out a separate viewing pane where you can view the conversation,
all while remaining on the web page. You can  join in the discussion
and post from within this pane.

All in all, the browser extension is a great way to enhance your web
browsing experience with Yammer. You can share interesting finds and
insights with coworkers without ever having to leave the page, and gain
increased context and commentary from your own coworkers while browsing
the web. We’re initially offering the Yammer Browser Extension for
Google Chrome – come check it out here!