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Project Online.Integracion de Tareas con Exchange.


SharePoint 2013 introduces a new feature called My Tasks which aggregates all the tasks assigned to you in SharePoint, Outlook and Project into one experience. You can learn more about that here.  With Exchange integration you can now see all of those tasks in Outlook. This builds on what was possible with Project 2010 Exchange Tasks Sync.

Here are my tasks in the new My Tasks area. The tasks listed here come from a Project Site connected to Project Web App and a SharePoint tasks list. I also added a few personal tasks.


And here are my tasks in on my mobile phone

image image

While on the go, I can mark a task complete from my phone, and when the information is synced the task will now show up as complete in its original tasks list. If the tasks is from a Project Web App controlled project, the update will show up for the project manager to approve. Same with the other properties – change a due date, update percent complete or edit the title, all these properties can be edited from any endpoint now and the changes will be synced back so the change is visible to everyone.

Mark a task complete in Outlook Web Access


And see it completed in SharePoint.


And when I need to add a new task, I can create a personal tasks from any client (Outlook, OWA, etc.) it will automatically be synced to My Tasks on SharePoint.


Want to opt in?

Go to your SharePoint Newsfeed and click on Tasks. Then click on the Sync to Outlook button on the Tasks tab.

better (2)

After clicking that button, the opt in dialog is shown. Check the Sync tasks checkbox.


After a short time the dialog will disappear and your tasks will start to sync.

Other Entry points to opt in

But My Task isn’t the only one entry point, a user can opt in from any tasks list in SharePoint or Project Web App.

Note: In each case, clicking the button will show the opt in dialog described above, and the same behavior will happen.

Opting in from a SharePoint Task list

On a SharePoint tasks list, click the Sync to Outlook button on the Lists tab.


Opting in from Project Web App

In Project Web App, go to Tasks and click the Sync to Outlook button on the Tasks tab.


What version of Exchange Server is this new feature enabled with?

To be able to sync your tasks, your mailbox needs to be hosted on an Exchange 2013 server deployed in the same topology. See below for configuration details.

The simplest solution is to use Project online on Office 365,  if you do, make sure to use Exchange on Office 365 as well to take advantage of this new feature.


I am an admin, how do I make sure this is working

If you are using Office 365, you are done, this feature works out of the box.

If you are on premise, you need to make sure to install Exchange 2013 next to your new SharePoint 2013 install, and then setup the S2S protocol following the steps described in this document

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    Project Online.Integracion de Tareas con Exchange. – Blog de Rafa Ansino

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    Project Online.Integracion de Tareas con Exchange. – Blog de Rafa Ansino

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