Windows Azure WordPress Accelerator

Windows Azure WordPress Accelerator are two sample solutions that allow deploy WordPress in Windows Azure.

You can find source code in CodePlex 

Gerard Lopez and Mario Cortes work was great!

The first one uses WordPress plugin that allows you to use Windows Azure Storage Service to host your media for your WordPress powered blog.

This solution is simpler than the other one, but It is important to note that if you want to install or update plugins, you must redeploy to solutions. New plugins must be added in Visual Studio solution and update Windows Azure deployment.

The second one uses Windows Azure Drive technology to store WordPress files.

All wordpress files, includes media elements, are stored in VHD file that in Windows Azure Storage Page Blob.

To allow multiple WordPress instances that can be modified VHD content, the solution includes worker role that mounts VHD and share it. All WordPress instances use network share that exposes worker role.



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