Today I discovered a cool tool for Sandcastle that can do your life a bit more wonderful. SandcastleGUI by Stephan Smetsers I think that he is an authentic geek … he says to me «The tool was made during one weekend while watching a Stargate episode… 🙂 I went nuts about the failing NDOC-program so I started using Sandcastle. Sadly no GUI was available, so I had to make one myself…. I never intented it to be distributed on the net….. but… look what responses it gave me….. very nice

This product is an userinterface for the Microsoft’s Sandcastle that creates help documentation for .NET assemblies.
SandcastleGUI has several additions made to the default Sandcastle generated output, such as:

– Support for online MSDN-links.
– Documenting of specified namespaces instead of entire assemblies.
– Multiple outputtypes (website and/or .CHM-file).
– Custom copyright line.
– Custom company logo.
– Custom product information.


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