SharePoint – csegSmallCalendar webpart updated

Do you remember?, SharePoint 2003 continues alive. This night I updated my csegSmallCalendar webpart with some new features. Now I’m designing a web site to host the user group and I have needed for this new features.

Now you can adjust the month  that the calendar is showing, If we are in September, and you adjust the calendar with a -1 value you can view August month, same with a 1 value you can view the current month  +1. Now you can display more than one month adding new webparts.

Adjust date Format
Now you can change the format used in the filters, some international users will be happy with this.

Filter Field Name
In the previous version the field name passed in the filter was the field name from the list where we are taking the data, and you only could filter lists that are using the same field name. Now you can see task dates and filter an event list.
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