70-512 Exam: TFS 2010 Administration

A little more than two weeks have gone since 70-512 exam is available, which qualifies for MCTS certification in TFS 2010 administration. It’s the successor of 70-510, which covered TFS 2005. In fact, five years and two versions later seem a bit of too much time from my point of view, but at least the exam has been made available short after the new TFS 2010 bits were released. This is an important point, since 2010 means a dramatic evolution from former versions, thus there are many new features in 70-512 that were not covered in 70-510.

Whishing to renew my certification, last June 24th I passed the exam, just after my fellow Ibon who took me over only by a day; as you can see, here at Plain Concepts we’re a bit of impatient, and when we want something we want it delivered right now!!! 😉

The exam was a bit more difficult for me than 70-510, because there’re many more things to take into account, and the time to gain the required experience has been much shorter. But I think it’d be not so difficult if you have been working deploying and administering TFS 2010, and even less if you’ve worked with former versions.

In many aspects, TFS administration has been simplified with the release of tools like the administration console or TFSConfig.exe.

But without any doubt, there are other areas where complexity has grown much more: high availability for application tier, build agents and controllers, process templates changes, and an endless bunch of new details. And even more if you take into account that monster, from the point of view of administration, which is Lab Manager. Of course, all of these things and many more are evaluated during the exam.

Another problem that arises is that, as you can see at the exam’s site, preparation materials are not quite abundant; for example, there’s not any book available, so TFS installation and administration guides are the best tools that you can rely on.

Nevertheless, as I said before, I think that if you’ve been into working with TFS, and giving a thorough read to the administration guide, there’d be not any problem to pass it. So go for it!!!

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