Plain Concepts just got the Microsoft ALM Inner Circle Western Europe 2010 Award (twice in a row!)

Plain Concepts has just received the ALM Inner Circle Western Europe 2010 Award from Microsoft, which acknowledges the effort carried on for the ALM area in Europe, helping our customers to work better with Microsoft tools in the field of Application Lifecycle Management. In the photo below, you can see Rodrigo taking the Award at the partners event, which took place this week in Antwerp, from Julio Fernández Gayoso.


Our fellows at Test House received the award too, congratulations for them!

This is the second consecutive year that we’ve been awarded, which in addition to the fact that we’re the first (and at the moment, the only) Spanish partner that has achieved the ALM  Competency at Microsoft, proves the outstanding performance of the Plain Concepts team.

My warmest congratulations to everyone devoted to ALM in Plain Concepts, and of course, we’ll keep on working in order to keep the same level of quality and commitment.



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