[OFFTOPIC] Starting a new adventure

Hello all!

Today i want to steal some space of my blog to talk about something other than Windows, Windows Phone or XAML. Today i want to talk about myself hehe.

Without getting deep in details, after one year working in a company called Icinetic, yesterday i leave the job. Wait! What? With the actual crisis the world is suffering you are leaving your job? Why? Are you crazy? Well, the why, the crisis, even the job not really matter… The important thing is… i had an awesome year working with such a group of talented people. Share projects, lines of code, adventures and misadventures with a lot of good friends.

In spain there is a popular phrase “lo bueno, si breve, dos veces bueno” (the good things, if brief, twice as good) and another one “no hay mal que cien años dure, ni cuerpo que lo aguante” (there is not bad situations with 100 year durations, and no one can’t hold them) What this two phrases try to explain is: The good things and the bad things aren’t there to stay forever. And i think this was the time to leave in the search of new things… bad or good? i don’t know, and really i don’t care much about that.

So, from today i’m starting a new life as a freelance contractor. Hoping to be able to work with much more intelligent, interesting and tallented people, as i did until today, to try to learn more, do more things and… code a lot of XAML and C# by the way!

Regards and happy coding!

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