Enlaces Interesantes WPF/Silverlight 09-12-2009

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  • Detecting the Active View in a Prism App (Brian Noyes)
  • Getting started with the charting controls (Cheryl Simmons)
  • Creating an Image from PixelShaders in Silverlight and WPF (Corey Miller)
  • Silverlight 4 Notification Window Class (Corrina Barber)
  • WriteableBitmapEx – WriteableBitmap extensions now on CodePlex (Rene Schulte)
  • BugCamSmash Dissected part 1 – Smash a Bug (Adam Kinney)
  • Cinch : Major change alert (Sacha Barber)
  • Inserting Silverlight DeepZoom images into your Web page (Silverlight Team)
  • MVVM Light V3/alpha3 for Blend 3 and Blend Preview 4 (Laurent Bugnion)


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