Enlaces Interesantes Silverlight/WPF 08-01-2010

Aqui viene una nueva remesa d epost interesantes


  • Silverlight – About validation when binding to custom forms (Fredrik Normen)
  • Silverlight and styles (Gabriel N. Schenker)
  • Silverlight 4 OOB: Please remove the My-Folders restriction. It doesn’t work anyways. (Ingo Rammer)
  • The ultimate hack for Silverlight in Blend (Josh Smith)
  • Fonts and Silverlight (Koen Zwikstra)
  • iMeta Agility & Silverlight (Mike Taulty)
  • Extending the SLHVP Player to be a Platform (Jesse Liberty)
  • Bing Maps 3D, WPF, and Windows 7 MultiTouch (Marc Schweigert)
  • Silverlight 4 Beta – More on MEF and the PackageCatalog (Mike Taulty)
  • Silverlight – Navigate to a specific Page using a Hyperlink (Fredrik Normén)
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