Branding a Xamarin.Forms app on Android: Accent Color

Here we are going to start a series of articles with some tips to brand our Xamarin.Forms app.
In this case, we are going to talk about how to apply our accent color in some parts of our Android one.

Using Android Styles
The easiest way to apply our brand color is creating a custom Android theme.

For example: if we have a simple Entry, the result Android control is showing the default colors. A focused Entry control looks like:


Translating Designs into Layouts: Units Conversion

One aspect that Apple pushed to the limits is the union between Designers and Developers. Instead of understanding the product development process as a chain, it is done as a very close relationship walking in the same direction. Both of them speak different languages: they use different tools during their day-to-day job, they see different aspects of the product, their definition of done is different, etc. But there is something in common, which turns out to be a quite important thing: both want the product to succeed. Both want to deliver the best shape of what they are working on, and want to exceed the customer's expectations. Thus, it is worth looking for ways to improve this beautiful marriage. Within the following...

One aspect that Apple pushed...

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