Ten good reasons to attend a Professional Scrum Developer course




During ScrumWeek Madrid 2011, it’s going to take place the first Professional Scrum Developer .NET course in Spain, arranged by Plain Concepts (given by Rodrigo and myself), and with the support from Microsoft.

I’d like to summarize why a PSD course can be interesting for you, and why it can be valuable for any of you working as developers in Scrum projects or planning to do so.

About courses in general:

1. PSD is specific for developers. Most Scrum courses available tend to be generic, and present all the Scrum roles without going in depth into any of them, or taking care only of the ScrumMaster. PSD is designed with developers in mind, within a Scrum Team, who at the end make up the majority of the ones committing to a project.

2. A Scrum Team is cross-functional; it must be able of facing any task needed to turn the agreed commitment into a valuable increment each Sprint. During a PSD course you’ll deal with practices and tools that enable this cross-functionality, not only related to coding, but also from architecture, testing, bug management and many other aspects which a team, and thus, its members, face during a project.

3. A PSD course is mainly practical. Usually, the best way to lay down learned concepts is to apply them in practice, and during a PSD course you’re going to do exactly that, working as a team, using the presented tools and practices from the beginning, and employing them in building value increments the same way you’d do during a real project.

4. During a PSD course you’ll experiment a total immersion in Scrum. Not only the elements which make up Scrum are presented, but also work is done along several days within a project, doing Sprints and the rest of the Scrum practices like Sprint Planning meetings, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives. You’ll obtain a complete Scrum experience.

5. A PSD course is based on the right Scrum definition, as it was conceived by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, and is gathered into the Scrum Guide. You can discuss a lot about if it’s possible or beneficial to modify Scrum, but at least, once you’ve finished a PSD course, you’ll have the right base on which you’ll be able to begin working and pursuing improvements.

6. During the course we’ll specifically deal with typical dysfunctions and difficulties which usually represent a problem while applying Scrum for real projects. Therefore, when problems arise, you’ll have support that will guide you in the search for solutions.

7. One of the greatest advantages of the course is the interaction with the attendants. Not only you’re going to have fun, but also you’ll learn a lot from the experience of sharing several days, working as a team with people who have different points of view and ways of facing the problems.

About PSD.NET courses in particular:

8. PSD.NET is endorsed by Microsoft. It has been jointly developed by Scrum.org and Microsoft, and is THE COURSE for Visual Studio 2010. There’re not any other courses about Visual Studio 2010 and ALM where Microsoft has participated in developing; this is the one from the Visual Studio product group.

9. This is the only Microsoft supported course where Team Foundation Server is presented in depth, from a developer’s perspective. There’s only one official course from MSLearning for TFS, but it is centered around administration.

And at last, but not least:

10. Attending the course will give you the chance of obtaining the PSD.NET certification, a worldwide industry-recognized certification, that assures the knowledge about developing software with Scrum in .NET platform. It’s not easy to pass the assessment, but the course will prepare you pretty well to take it.


After writing the title for the post, I thought about two more reasons regarding specifically to the course being held during ScrumWeek Winking smile:

11. Since it’s the first course in Spain, we’d like to give to the maximum number of people the opportunity to take it. Because of this, it has a very tight price which means a 50% discount over the official recommended price.

12. If English is an issue for you, the course is going to be given in Spanish. But have in mind that materials and assessment (if you finally go for it) are in English at the moment.


There are still some remaining seats! See you at the ScrumWeek.

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