Product Demos

Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM

See a sneak preview of the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM offering that will deliver a flexible and familiar user experience, through Microsoft Outlook, or a Web browser, with rich configuration and customization capabilities.

Microsoft Silverlight

See how the latest support program for interactive high-quality video and photo, can be used to intuitively organize and preview new media.

Windows Server 2008

Check out the exciting new features that will benefit your customers and help you grow your business.

Windows Automotive

See how the Ford Sync works, demonstrating some of the latest technology coming out of the Windows Automotive Business Unit.


Demos of Tools


Microsoft LicenseWise

Learn how to use Microsoft LicenseWise, a “one-stop-shop” designed to help partners recommend the best product and licensing solutions for customers, optimize the sales process and build new revenue opportunities.

Windows Vista Business Value Assessment

Learn how the Windows Vista Business Value Assessment tool, developed in coordination with IDC and Alinean, can help partners calculate the financial benefit of upgrading to Windows Vista for their customers.

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment

See how the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 tool helps partners quickly evaluate whether their customers’ existing computers can run Windows Vista and Office 2007, and provide guidance on appropriate hardware and device driver upgrades. Download Windows Vista Hardware Assessment now.