Enlaces Interesantes Silverlight/WPF 13-01-2010


Los del día


  • Extensibility Series – WPF & Silverlight Design-Time Code Sharing – Part II (Karl Shifflett)
  • Silverlight Spy (Koen Zwikstra)
  • Silverlight 4 Beta & MEF – Experimenting with an alternative Programming Model and Silverlight 4 – Displaying a Bunch of Files from a Zip File (Mike Taulty)
  • Digging into Data (from a XAML perspective) (Rob Relyea)
  • Silverlight Top 10 of 2009 (Silverlight Team)
  • Severely Decoupled Configuration (Jesse Liberty)
  • Minimizing your designer footprint (Alex Knight)
  • How SilverUnit can help you be famous (Roy Osherove)
  • Silverlight : MVVM Library and File Upload (Sacha Barber)
  • Using the Model View Presenter pattern in WPF (Paul Stovell)
  • Migrating from Silverlight Streaming to Windows Azure (Mike Ormond)
  • Synchronous Invocation of Delegates with the Silverlight Dispatcher (Daniel Vaughan)
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