Videos How-To de WPF4

Han salido una serie de videos de menos de 15 minutos que nos cuentan las nuevas características que vienen en WPF 4, son en Ingles pero altamente recomendables

What’s New in Windows Presentation Foundation 4

  • New Windows Presentation Foundation Controls. This video introduces three new controls in WPF – DataGrid, Calendar and DatePicker. You’ll see how each new control is used in a quick demonstration.
  • Visual State Manager was originally introduced in Silverlight to provide a better way to manage states and transitions for visual controls. With the release of .NET 4.0, WPF now supports the Visual State Manager –in this brief video you’ll see how the VSM is used in a WPF application.
  • Touch comes to Windows Presentation Foundation. With the introduction of new touch and multi-touch monitors and laptops, developers have a new opportunity in application development. To support this opportunity, WPF now supports built-in touch gestures; in this video, see how these gestures can be used in a simple WPF application.
  • Graphics Enhancements. WPF 4 introduces new improvements in the graphics system – in this short video, you’ll see how layout rounding helps render blurry or semi-transparent edges. You’ll see how cached composition improves rendering time and how WPF supports Pixel Shader 3.

A partir del 18 de Enero:

  • Binding in Windows Presentation Foundation 4 has evolved with improvements to InputBinding and the introduction of the IDynamicMetaObjectProvider interface. In this short video you’ll see how these work in a set of simple examples.
  • XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) can now communicate with their hosting Web page, and (if the user allows) they can be installed as full trust applications. In this video see how each of these two new features is implemented in WPF 4.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows 7.  The new Windows 7 taskbar provides new types and functionality that you can leverage from your WPF 4 application. In this video see how you can create custom Jump List functionality for a WPF application running in Windows 7.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation Designer. In this brief video you’ll see how the WPF and Silverlight Designer has been enhanced in Visual Studio 2010 to support multiple platform versions, visual data binding, auto layout and improved property editing.

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