Welcome to my blog changes

Some people was expecting my return to come back to this community. Now, I’m
coming back with lots of changes in my blog.

On one hand, now I’m going to publish my entries in English. You will agree with me in the fact that English is the most common language in computing wolrd.

On the other hand, my blog is becoming a general blog about
developerment. It will be focused on new students who want to start
coding. After trying to teach coding to some people with various
languages, now I think that .NET isn’t the best technology to learn.
I tried with C# and VB, without any result. But I’m seeing how
someone that is learning with Python (language that i’m learning too)
the results are amazing (regards to Esteban, my next university
colleague =D).

So, my next entry will be about how learn coding using Python.

I’m not going to forget my .NET passion, I’ll publish entries about IronPython too.



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