Web 4.0?

Internet’s growing up. Since the “Web 1.0”, a static Web only for readers; the Web quality is bettering. The changes into the “Internet language” (html and his extensions like XHTML, CSS, flash or JavaScript and techniques like Ajax) have became Internet in the “Web 2.0”, allowing the user to write in the web. The Web 2.0 is blogs, videos (youtube) and other social networks (facebook, linkedin, flickr, lastfm, Google maps, etc.). The new “Web 3.0” (as know as Semantic Web) isn’t real yet, the third internet version includes metadata on the web pages linking contents.

Some talk about the Web 4.0 as a mobile web, the iPhone is a example. But I think that is the Web 5.0; the Web 4.0 is nearer than they think. The Web 4.0 is a Web 2.0 extension. The service developed to create the Web 2.0, now, they will be used to earn money by users.

The first steps on this way are LastFm (http://blog.last.fm/2008/07/09/calling-all-musicians) or the Getty Collection on Flickr (http://blog.flickr.net/en/2008/07/08/the-flickr-collection-on-getty-images/).

What do you think?

Windows Live Photo Gallery and SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

I like the “art photo” and I used to find the photos inside my PC using a photo gallery. For a year, I used Windows Live Photo Gallery. I liked this tool ‘cause it thought that it integrates the vista indexing search service. But, after the following message, I don’t think that.


Photo Gallery uses a compact database using the SQL Server 2005 Compact engine (I’ve just uninstalled it cleaning my laptop).

Then, I did other experiment, run Windows Photo Gallery. Windows Photo Gallery is the Windows Live Photo Gallery previous version that is installed when you install Windows Vista and it isn’t uninstalled when you install the lastest version, Windows Live Photo Gallery.

When I executed it, my surprise is that it runs well 🙂 It don’t use a SQL Server 2005 Compact database.

It is a new in Windows Live Photo Gallery from his previous version 😉


Imagine Cup 2009 and current ;)

First, I want to congratulate the Spanish winners, Miguel Llopis (the second is the truth :P), Carlos Cachero and the others ;). Congratulations!!! Spain’s the best! Their project (Windows Live Imagine Cup 2008 award), Windows Drive, is a service to connect you with your neighbours to sharing the car and we help our planet.


The Imagine Cup 2009 (in Egypt) theme is “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today”. This theme allow us more liberty than this year theme.

What do you think? (I think i’m going to try it!)

We’ll able to win! Let’s go!!


Plumiferos, blender animation film in Spanish

This animation film is makeing by “Manos Digitales Animation Studio”.

Official film synopsis

“It’s an everyday universe that exists 7 feet over our heads.  They are city birds that you can find in every tree or every corner.”

Juan: a sparrow that feels ordinary and underestimates his own race. Accidentally, he changes the way he looks, and the same reason that will make him feel unique is what is going to put his life in danger.

Feifi: a beautiful canary that manages to escape from the cage of a network tycoon (Mr. Puertas), and starts trying a new life in freedom, as a common bird.

Both of them will need to be something that they aren’t and will face danger and adventures with their friends (Libia, the Pidgeon; Pipo, the Humming Bird; Clarita, the Bat; and some more). A clumsy cat, some psyco Southern Lapwings and Mr. Puertas will make everything even harder for them.
Juan and Feifi will try to shape their destiny to feel truly free.

Website: http://www.plumiferos.com



Silverlight Desktop

Silverlight is an extensible framework. You can write code for it and later don’t to rewrite it, you will able to reuse it. As we could hope, there’re some project of Silverlight libraries.

Silverlight Desktop (http://www.silverlightdesktop.net/) is a framework to create windows inside a Silverlight 2 application.


It allow us to create elements with drag and drop effects, a little security framework integrable into a web application, it contains a administration section protected by password and an application log.





The code, documentation and more stuffs are available in the official web page: http://www.silverlightdesktop.net/

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/expressate/archive/2008/07/08/silverlight-desktop.aspx


Equipt, Microsoft software as service ;)


Microsoft just release Equipt, the Microsoft software as service. It includes Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Students (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote), Windows Live OneCare and the free windows live suite (Messenger, Photo, Writer, Mail, etc.). The subscription cost 69$ per year, only 20$ more than Windows Live OneCare. Always they’re updated. When the subscription is finished, the software continue installed, OneCare run but not update, Office let read documents and the Windows Live apps run because they’re free.

I think that it’s focused to home users that isn’t using Microsoft Office genuine licenses.

Microsoft Equipt: http://home.microsoftequipt.com/site/html/default.aspx


WordPress Gears support!

WordPress just support Gears (http://code.google.com/apis/gears/), the Google web local storage, into their blogs administration pages.

Gears use a little local database for store the web information that the website save inside. Google publised the first preview a year ago. Now some Google apps use it, like Google Reader, Google Docs, etc. (only english versions). An third pages’re begining to enable Gears in their sites, like WordPress or MySpace.

Could Gears suppose a web revolution? Web 3.0? What is the Microsoft response?

I think that Silverlight is a good response of the Adobe and Google attacks. Some days ago, we could read that Google now can search into Flash files. Silverlight includes offline storage, for example. I vote to Silverlight ;).

The wordpres official anounce is here: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2008/07/02/gears/