Imagine Cup 2009 and current ;)

First, I want to congratulate the Spanish winners, Miguel Llopis (the second is the truth :P), Carlos Cachero and the others ;). Congratulations!!! Spain’s the best! Their project (Windows Live Imagine Cup 2008 award), Windows Drive, is a service to connect you with your neighbours to sharing the car and we help our planet.


The Imagine Cup 2009 (in Egypt) theme is “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today”. This theme allow us more liberty than this year theme.

What do you think? (I think i’m going to try it!)

We’ll able to win! Let’s go!!

One thought on “Imagine Cup 2009 and current ;)

  1. Yeah Eugenio, you’re right: 2nd is the good one. Success consists on persisting when the others have given up 😉

    Good luck with IC’09. As you say, the theme is more open (up to 8 different themes can be chosen). My little piece of advice is that if you can create «something» that combines different themes would be great. For instance, an educational project that provides accesibility for people with some diseases or people from poor areas. You would be touching three different themes: Education, Health and Economic differences.


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