Windows Live Photo Gallery and SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

I like the “art photo” and I used to find the photos inside my PC using a photo gallery. For a year, I used Windows Live Photo Gallery. I liked this tool ‘cause it thought that it integrates the vista indexing search service. But, after the following message, I don’t think that.


Photo Gallery uses a compact database using the SQL Server 2005 Compact engine (I’ve just uninstalled it cleaning my laptop).

Then, I did other experiment, run Windows Photo Gallery. Windows Photo Gallery is the Windows Live Photo Gallery previous version that is installed when you install Windows Vista and it isn’t uninstalled when you install the lastest version, Windows Live Photo Gallery.

When I executed it, my surprise is that it runs well 🙂 It don’t use a SQL Server 2005 Compact database.

It is a new in Windows Live Photo Gallery from his previous version 😉

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