Curious fact: Last WLW release’s version number

I just write about a new Windows Live Writer CTP, what i’m using now to post this entry.

The lastest stable WLW version is 12.0.1366.1026. We could imagine the new preview build version number is But the WLW Team have decided the new release (Windows Live Writer 2009?) major version is 14.0.3913.522.


I don’t sure about the reason, but I supose that superstition is one.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Curious fact: Last WLW release’s version number

  1. Eugenio, con todos los respetos. Este sitio ( es un blog para la comunidad hispana. Me parece perfecto que quieras escribir tus posts en la lengua de Shakespeare, pero no veo útil que hagas cross-posting a este sitio web. Ya que tienes tu propio dominio, limítate a escribir ahí en inglés. Por otro lado, en inglés no se usa ¿.

  2. Very sharp-eyed Eugenio 🙂

    I think it is just fine that you write your posts in English. In my humble opinion, the most important thing is that you write ‘em, doesn’t matter the language. And also I think you are combining both languages (your previous post about open source was in Spanish, right?).

    There’s another curious fact with the «12+1» number in our daily lives: have you ever realized that there’s no «row 13th» on aeroplanes?


  3. Miguel,

    I’m going to write my entries in English exclusively. The previous post about open source was a exception ‘cause that text was wrote already.

    Some planes have 13th row 😉 But, as you said, there isn’t in all.

  4. Totally agree with Miguel. Keep writing in English!
    Most hotels I’ve been to in the US do not have a 13-th floor either.

    Regards – Octavio

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