DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator 6.4 Released!

DNNCloudThe new DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator 6.4 is now available on CodePlex with very interesting new features, such as the awaited high availability, the automated SSL certificates setup, FTP and WebDeploy management, as well as a last-minute addition that allows to set the site offline to perform maintenance tasks. To download the latest version follow this link:

Download DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator 6.4

Release notes

New features

  • Changed the packages to use OSVersion=3 by default: Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8
  • Added Support for active and passive FTP. You can enable it in the wizard on the remote option settings step
  • Added a new package supporting co-located cache. Note that you still will need a DNN caching provider that implements it.
  • Changed IIS 8 settings to use site pre-load
  • Changed the appPool Startup mode to AlwaysRunning (see this for more info)
  • Modified all the packages to support High Availability: now you can safely increase or decrease the number of roles serving the website. The VHD drive will be dinamically attached, shared and connected between all the workers. The process will recover from failures when the VM acting as SMB server goes down for whatever reason.
  • Support for App_Offline to do safer DNN upgrades stopping incoming webrequests. When you change the configuration setting "AppOffline.Enabled" to "true", the site will appear as offline but will be published on port 12242. You can then run the upgrade on that port (portal aliases will be dinamically added). After finishing the upgrade, set the "AppOffline.Enabled" to "false" to re-enable the site.
  • App_Offline file can be customized by dropping an HTML file on "/Portals/_default/App_Offline.htm
  • Added a new step in the wizard to setup SSL configuration, allowing to upload the SSL certificate and CA’s certificates
  • Now you can reload the packages in the wizard without having to restart the process
  • The last subscription used will be the default one when launching again the wizard




Getting Started

The summary of steps for deploying DNN Community on Windows Azure is:

    1. You can sign-up for a free 3 month trial here
    1. Download the DotNetNuke Wizard Accelerator package and uncompress it
    2. Run DNNAzureWizard.exe and follow the steps

If you have any comment or you find an issue, remember to visit the CodePlex discussion forums.

Enjoy it!


David Rodriguez, is a happy Spanish guy living and working in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) where he was born. He is one of the lucky ones who has the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies at Intelequia as CTO. He has more than 20 years development background mostly based on Microsoft technologies, designing and architecting highly scalable systems like reservation systems for airlines companies. He has been working with Microsoft Azure since it was on CTP, migrating on-premise systems to the cloud, co-founding the .NET User Group TenerifeDev as well as the CSV company Intelequia Software Solutions. He is also the author of different DNN-Azure open source projects available on GitHub such as caching providers, analytics and Azure Active Directory.

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