What’s new in 2.0

We are glad to announce that Wave Engine 2.0 (Shark) is out! This release is a giant leap forward in our loved game engine.

New Wave Visual Editor

In August 2014 we began working on the new Wave Visual Editor 2.0 and, today, we are happy to announce the new editor has finally come true.

Available for download on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms:


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New Material System on WaveEngine 2.0

One of the main features performed in Wave Engine 2.0 is the rewriting of the Material library. To afford tasks like the New Deferred Rendering, we soon realized that we needed to improve the existing material library.

All materials has been changed to work properly with the new Visual Editor, and work with the New Lighting System, so this is the new Materials list:

  • Standard Material
  • DualTexture Material
  • Environment Material

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